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Edinburgh Festival Secret Books!


Box of books Fly my pretties!

Whilst the Olympics draw to a close in London, the Edinburgh Festival is just getting going north of the border.  This year, I shall be hiding copies of my novel From The Storm around the city, with a handwritten message inside each.

If you find one, it's yours to read, keep or pass on to a friend!

There will be one copy left every day in venues, bars, tourist attractions and the odd bus shelter.  I'll post a photo of each 'drop' on Twitter.  Follow me here: http://www.twitter.com/adrianwalker

Where will you find one...?

If you do, please leave a comment below and tell me where you found it and where you're from.  If somebody gave it you, do the same.  I'd love to be able to track the books as they start their journey (hopefully) around the world.

And don't forget to review on Amazon! http://amzn.to/wnCrAL

Have a great festival everyone, and go Team GB!